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Passion of quality in each product
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About our company

Materials for interior finishing are our passion and specialisation. For many years have we cooperated with many designers, contractors, interior designers and individual clients, providing the inspiration and solutions to garnish and beautify more and more interiors. Through experience of thousands orders, styles and needs we can match the specifics of a given order and quickly determine all the necessary technical details.

Apart from aesthetic value, key in our industry, we pay huge attention to the quality of service. A successful product is the basis - but successful and friendly cooperation is the second half of every success. We know this well, and always remember about friendly approach to each client and partner. You can count on us in every situation - and our products too.

Mardom Decor team are experts on sales, production and interior design, joined by a common vision of crafting a winning offer. All Mardom’s customers and trading partners benefit from their professionalism. Thanks to this we develop steadily, expanding network of representatives and range of our products. Although we have already done many projects together, we believe that we are only at the beginning of even more successful route.

See you there!